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Improving Life Chances 
Improving Life Chances 
School student
School student
Our vision is that every child and young person should go to an inspiring and life changing school, have access to the best teaching, and benefit from all services working in partnership with each other to ensure the life chances of children are improved. 
Cornfields School, Ashford Kent
School student
About the School 
Cornfields has at its core a drive to improve the life chances of children. We will go above and beyond, set high expectations and improve outcomes by working together with others. 
Our driving principles are 
Community feeling
That children feel that they belong to a community 
Preparing children
That children are prepared for life as citizens in modern Britain 
Paced learning
That children learn at pace, ensuring academic understanding 
Resilience in education
That children are taught how to become resilient so that they can cope with setbacks 
Healthy and safe
That children are supported to be healthy and safe. 
Engaged pupils
We are resolute that the children who attend will benefit from a high quality education. 
To achieve excellent learning goals the school also recognises that children are likely to need additional therapeutic and social support in order for them to thrive in their later lives. We intend that children will leave us having developed academically and having developed as people. 
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