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Admissions and Referrals 
and Referrals 

Referrals and Admission Process 

Stage 1 A pupil is referred 

The school receives the prospective pupils referral papers and considers the application. If the school considers they may be able to meet need then progress to Stage 2 is made.  
If a decision is made not to progress with the referral then the referral local authority will be informed in writing and, whenever possible, working collaboratively with other schools an alternative will be suggested. 

Stage 2 A meeting is arranged 

An initial home and/or school visit is arranged to meet the young person, parents/carers and social worker/support worker where appropriate. The young person will be invited to visit the school. The local authority will be informed in writing of the outcome of the visit and any special arrangements which would be required. 
The school will advise the Local Authority if the school can meet need and a proposed admission date will be provided. 

Stage 3 A placement is offered 

The referring local authority make the decision regarding school placements. If a school place is taken up and offered by the local authority then the new pupil and those supporting the pupil will be invited to an initial network meeting. If no place is currently available, placement on a waiting list will be offered. During the first term of entry a number of baseline assessments are completed. 
Regular contact will be made with parents/carers and any concerns regarding the appropriateness of the placement will be highlighted to the parent/carer and referring authority. The first term is probationary/assessment placement. During the probationary/assessment period, if a placement is evidently unsuitable, the place will be terminated with written reports forwarded to the referring authority as soon as is practicable. If the assessment period is successful, the Parent/Carer and referring authority will be advised. 

Contact Us 

Please contact us at info@cornfields.kent.sch.uk if you have any questions relating to admissions and referrals. If you are a local authority and wish to send us a referral please send as a protected document to info@cornfields.kent.sch.uk 
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